The Siege of Earth Early Release!

The Siege of Earth is now live!

You can find it on Kyle West Books one full week before the big stores.

This eighth book of The Starsea Cycle also contains bonus scenes and an afterword from me.

Time is running out for humanity to resist the dreaded Alkasen. The Worlds burn as thousands of Swarmers vessels pour in from Dark Space. Humanity stands divided as the League fragments under the pressure.

On the moon of Psyche, Lucian Abrantes, the Chosen of the Manifold, must start from humble beginnings, growing his single world into an empire. He must unite disparate factions that don’t recognize his legitimacy.

It’s an all but impossible task. But Lucian must rise to the occasion, focusing on gathering a fleet capable of challenging the Alkasen advance.

The question of humanity's survival will be decided above the skies of Earth itself.

Get it now!

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