Are your e-books compatible with my e-reader?

Yes, with very rare exceptions.

Books can be read on:

  • Kindle Fire tablets (2015 and later)
  • Nook tablets (2014 and later)
  • Kobo e-readers (except Kobo Aura)
  • Apple Books
  • Kindle app
  • iTunes
  • iPads
  • iPhones (iOS 10+ from 2016)
  • Android tablets and phones (Android 5.1 from 2013)
  • Computers using a browser

How do I download my e-book or audiobook?

As soon as you checkout, BookFunnel emails you the book. From there, you have multiple options for how to read it.

Please see this page for a more detailed breakdown.

Where is my book?

If not in your main inbox, check your spam/promotions folder. If still not found, your books can always be found at my.bookfunnel.com using your email address as a login.

For technical support, reach out to BookFunnel at help@bookfunnel.com.

Why should I buy here?

Buying here supports Kyle best. Most of the sales price goes directly to him. Newsletter subscribers also get exclusive deals and news.

Why is shipping so expensive for paperbacks?

Books are shipped from the United Kingdom, where our partner has low production costs. We are pleased to pass on those low costs to you. However, shipping is a bit pricier. Shipping cost is calculated by weight; it is recommended to buy multiple books at once since it's cheaper on a per unit basis.

How do preorders work?

You'll receive a confirmation email when you preorder. On release day, you'll get another email with a download link. You'll be charged up front, but get the book before anyone else. To cancel your preorder, contact us 48 hours before the release date (posted on product page).

What is your suggested reading order?

Please visit the reading order page.

    My question isn't listed here.

    Reach out at kylewest@kylewestbooks.com.