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The Siege of Earth: Special Edition

Preorder directly from Kyle West Books to get access to this exclusive release!

Included in the special edition:

—Bonus Scenes

—One Week Early Release

—Special Note from the Author

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From the Author

Hey there! It's me, Kyle: the guy who writes books. I just want to tell you a little about myself and this site.

As a kid, I loved to make things up. I became obsessed with science fiction, fantasy, and the worlds that could be created through the imagination. The Starsea Cycle was an attempt to create that kind of story by blending some classic science fiction and fantasy tropes. If you've read my books, you can see this in all my work. Each of my series has its own unique twist on things.

If you enjoy my work, it would help me out if you bought directly from me, because I keep most of the sales price. Plus, my books are cheaper than the big retailers.

I appereciate every one of you! Thank you for giving me your time.

Best wishes,
Kyle West