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"Excellent! Everything about this series is engaging and keeps you wondering what will happen next! I started the first book and couldn’t put it down. The best part is how well Lucian is written. You feel his anxieties and doubts, feel his confidence as he grows and becomes more adept at his abilities along his journey. It’s just fantastic all around!"


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About Kyle

I'm best known online as the author of The Starsea Cycle series. I write "science fantasy." I love both genres so much that I can't help but meld them together in my books.

I got my start as an author back in 2012 when I self-published the first book of The Wasteland Chronicles series. Since then, I've written 23 other novels set in various universes.

Quite recently, I decided to set up my own indie bookstore, which provides readers like you direct access to my work. I sell not only digital versions that are DRM-free, but physical signed copies. I hope to add much more in the coming months.

You can currently find me in Oklahoma City where I live with my family. Keep up with me and my books by signing up for my newsletter!