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Starsea Book 3: The Rifts of Psyche [Audiobook]

Starsea Book 3: The Rifts of Psyche [Audiobook]

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The third audiobook of The Starsea Cycle series. Narrated by Rob Brinkmann.

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Lucian must do what no mage has ever done: escape the Mad Moon. But that may prove impossible between frayed mages, violent monsters, and the hostile environment.

Wandering the brutal surface, every breath is a fight for survival. And things only get worse when Lucian receives visions from the so-called Sorceress-Queen of Psyche, whose Psionic Magic is second to none.

Teaming up with a dedicated captain, a frayed mage, and a former Mage-Knight of Dara, Lucian sets off on a quest across Psyche. He needs a way off the moon for good. But the Sorceress-Queen has her own plans for him.

Those plans will change everything...

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