The Siege of Earth First Draft Complete!

After several months of toil (and a freak accident involving a toddler and a USB drive), I've managed to complete the first draft of The Siege of Earth!

Finishing was definitely not easy. The writing process of each book is different, and this one fulfills that notion in spades. The original ending was scrapped (due to the aforementioned accident), but this ended up being a good thing. I wrote a new ending that is much stronger.

The manuscript is about 110,000 words, so on the longer side for the series. It's mostly edited. I just need to clean up the last bit, plus give it one final read through. Handing it in on time to my editor should not be difficult.

It definitely feels good to have the hard part done, but the work is by no means over.

I can't wait for you guys to see what happens!

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