The Siege of Earth Paperback Coming Soon!

Greetings everyone! A number of you have contacted me to ask why the paperback of The Siege of Earth isn't out yet.

Here's the scoop: I sent the final page count to my cover artist, so now I'm just biding my time until the cover file is returned. A precise page count is required to make the spine the correct width.

I'm hoping to get that file by the end of this week and, when I do, I will be able to post this up on the site likely by the weekend.

A few people have asked if they order a paperback from Kyle West Books would it be the special edition or the regular one. The special edition will only be available through this website. So those of you who are waiting for the paperback can enjoy the extra scenes just like everyone else who bought the e-book.

To sum things up: The paperback should be available to purchase in about a week, if not earlier.

Thanks for your understanding!
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