Xenoworld 3 Audiobook Release!

The third audiobook of Xenoworld Saga, Beacon, has released!

For those of you who preordered, it should be in your inbox now.

This one was met with delay after delay, mostly due to my crazily hectic lifestyle! Corralling two young kids is no joke, especially when you're on deadline.

Little do most of you know, The Xenoworld Saga might be my favorite series I've written. If you're a fan of The Wasteland Chronicles, it's definitely a "must read!"

This one sees Shanti and Isaru traveling across a fantastical post-apocalyptic Wasteland to uncover the secrets of the past. Very great if you like adventure type stories!

Narrator Brogan Werder did an excellent job, especially considering she had to record 150,000 words! The total run time clocks in at just over sixteen hours, making in the longest audiobook in my catalogue. When we get to Aberration, that will definitely change!

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