Why Buy Direct?

Welcome to Kyle West Books, my independent online bookstore! Here, I sell my books directly to readers.

Why buy direct? It's a good question. There is the noble reason, of course; to better support me, the author, and give me the largest possible cut. In the most egregious cases (such as Audible) I only keep about 12.5% of the sales price. Pretty insane, right? Especially when audiobooks cost thousands to produce.

But there are also good reasons to buy direct your own benefit.

The first is savings. Right off the bat, you can save 20% on your very first order by signing up for my newsletter. As a newsletter subscriber, you'll also get access to special deals only available to members.

If that's not your bag, you can also save quite a bit by bundling. You can buy entire series box sets and our starter packs to get a nice discount, or bundling by taking advantage of the "Frequently bought together" section on each page. 

Sometimes, we run our own sales where our prices are substantially lower than the big retailers. If you sign up for my newsletter, you'll always be notified when we do so.

There's also another reason to buy direct: an important one. At Kyle West Books, all digital books and audiobooks are completely yours to keep. Many readers—me included—have often woken up to find our e-books or audiobooks completely missing.

This happened to me in with Audible back in 2019. I had downloaded a number of audiobooks over the years, and took a break for a while. When I came back, all but one of my audiobooks had completely vanished. I reached out to customer support to find I was out of luck.

They can get away with this because when you buy from a big retailer, you're not actually buying the e-book; you're merely buying a license to read the content.

That will never happen when you buy from me. Digital books are sent directly to your inbox, and are stored in the cloud on BookFunnel, where they can always be downloaded. The files are yours to keep; I'm not merely licensing the content. More than that, with very rare exceptions, all e-books can be easily loaded onto your preferred reading device, whether that's a Kindle, Nook, Kobo, tablet, or phone.

That's just a couple of the major reasons to buy direct; savings and actually getting what you pay for.