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Starsea Book 9: The Gates of Time [Paperback]

Starsea Book 9: The Gates of Time [Paperback]

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The Worlds are saved—but not for long.

Lucian Abrantes and the Starsea Fleet have driven back the Alkasen. While the Worlds rebuild and recover from the brutal war, the Ancient One threatens to undo the uneasy peace.

On the world of Mako, the Ancient One has done the unthinkable. Marshaling the ether of the Source of Power, he has escaped through a Time Gate, an action that threatens to unravel Lucian's heroism and even reality itself.

Lucian has no choice but to follow him. But time travel has terrifying consequences that require him to go down a dark path. What price will Lucian pay to protect his reality and loved ones from complete destruction?

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About the Author

Kyle West is best known for his bestselling science fantasy series: The Starsea CycleThe Wasteland Chronicles, and The Xenoworld Saga. His passion for both science fiction and fantasy come to life on the pages of his books, melding into a genre known as "science fantasy."

He got his start in 2012 with his post-apocalyptic/horror/fantasy series, The Wasteland Chronicles. He then moved onto The Xenoworld Saga, a dystopian fantasy series set in the same universe.

Most recently, he has published The Starsea Cycle, a creative spin on space opera, where magic is introduced to the universe through a series of mysterious interstellar gateways.

In 2022, he took his success one step further by launching Kyle West Books, his own independent bookstore that provides readers direct access to his work.

Kyle currently resides in Oklahoma City with his family.

  • Why your own bookstore?

    It's just a way for Kyle to keep a greater share of the sales price. You can also find his books elsewhere online.

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