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Starsea Book 7: The Psion of Darkness [Paperback]

Starsea Book 7: The Psion of Darkness [Paperback]

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After countless trials, Lucian has collected multiple Orbs and has almost proven himself to be the true Chosen of the Manifold. Only one person stands in his way: Xara Mallis, the Psion of Darkness.

Lucian is not ready to face her. The Shadow that follows him grows ever stronger with each Orb he gains. Lucian can't risk it becoming fully formed. He puts his quest for the Orbs on hold and sets his sights on the Mako Academy, hoping the masters there can teach him how to defeat Xara Mallis while preventing the inevitable Joining.

While Lucian seeks answers, the Psion of Darkness is making her own play. And unlike Lucian, she has no qualms about using the dark powers of the Shadow Lord. She has not given up the title of Chosen and intends to fight to the death for it.

Only Lucian can contest her. But this will require rising above his own self-doubt and defeating the phantom force haunting him...

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