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The Complete Xenoworld Saga Series (Paperbacks)

The Complete Xenoworld Saga Series (Paperbacks)

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Details: This bundle contains all seven Xenoworld paperbacks, featuring premium matte covers. Get ready for the ultimate dystopian fantasy adventure!

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Contains all seven books in Kyle West's Xenoworld Saga Series.


Four hundred years after the Ragnarok War, humanity still hasn't recovered from the impact of the meteor, Ragnarok. Alex Keener and his friends are remembered as gods, while strife reigns between their Elekai descendants, the dragons, and those of pure human blood.

But unknown to humanity, an ancient and forgotten evil is hurtling toward Earth, threatening destruction. At the center of it all stands Shanti Roshar, a young woman who may be the subject of a long-lost prophecy penned by the hand of Anna herself.

Shanti's life forever changes when she discovers she has the blood of the Elekai, along with their amazing connection to dragons. But can she learn to accept who and what she is?

The Xenoworld Saga completes the story arc begun in The Wasteland Chronicles—altogether, this epic saga will stick with you for a long time!

Overview: Books Included:

  • The Xenoworld Saga Series:
    • Prophecy
    • Bastion
    • Beacon
    • Sanctum
    • Kingdom
    • Dissolution
    • Aberration
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