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Kyle West

Wasteland Starter Pack: Books 1-4 [Kindle and EPUB]

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Get a great deal with this exclusive Wasteland Chronicles e-book bundle, only available through Kyle West Books!

In a world ravaged by a catastrophic meteor and overrun by monstrous invaders, survival is the only goal.

Alex Keener has spent his entire life confined to the safety of Bunker 108, but when a viral outbreak forces him to flee, he is thrust into a desolate wasteland where every step is a fight for survival.

With nothing but his wits and determination, Alex must navigate this twisted and brutal terrain, facing terrifying monsters and unimaginable dangers at every turn.

Will he become a victim of the hellish wasteland or rise to the challenge and survive? Find out in this action-packed and heart-pounding tale of survival against all odds.

  • Why your own bookstore?

    It's just a way for Kyle to keep a greater share of the sales price. You can also find his books elsewhere online.

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