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Kyle West

Xenoworld Starter Pack: Books 1-4 [Kindle and EPUB]

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Get a great deal with this exclusive Xenoward Saga e-book bundle, only available through Kyle West Books.
Nearly four centuries after the Ragnarok War, its events have faded into myth. What was once known as the Wasteland is now controlled by the Annaran Covenant, a theocracy that rules with an iron fist.

To the east of the Covenant lies the Red Wild, the abode of the human Elekai. Each side believes that their Goddess, Annara, has called for the other's extermination -- a prophecy that will be fulfilled during the end of days, known as the Second Darkness.

Living in the Covenant's capital of Colonia, seventeen-year-old Shanti Roshar discovers she can speak to dragons -- and when she catches the eye of the Covenant's Hunters, her life will never be the same.
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    It's just a way for Kyle to keep a greater share of the sales price. You can also find his books elsewhere online.

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