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The Complete Wasteland Chronicles Series (Paperbacks)

The Complete Wasteland Chronicles Series (Paperbacks)

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Details: This bundle contains all eight Wasteland paperbacks, featuring premium matte covers. Get ready for the ultimate post-apocalyptic/dystopian adventure!

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Sixteen-year-old Alex Keener has never known a world beyond the cold metal walls of Bunker 108. His life has been one of routine: the same corridors, the same faces, the same oppressive rules. But when a deadly viral outbreak devastates his underground haven, Alex is forced into the outside world—a world scarred by the catastrophic meteor strike known as Ragnarok thirty years earlier.

Now, Alex finds himself in a desolate wasteland where every breath is a battle for survival. The landscape is brutal, transformed into an alien terrain where monstrous creatures roam freely, and the remnants of humanity are just as dangerous. With no one to trust and everything to lose, Alex must navigate this nightmarish world, confronting both the horrors that await and the shadows of his own past.

Will Alex find the strength to survive in this harsh new reality, or will the wasteland claim him as its newest victim? Join him on a gripping journey of survival, discovery, and resilience that questions what it means to be human in a forgotten world.

Included in this bundle:

  1. Apocalypse
  2. Origins
  3. Evolution
  4. Revelation
  5. Darkness
  6. Extinction
  7. Xenofall
  8. Lost Angel
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